The Design of the Agriaire PowerFan

The panel housing is constructed out of heavy-duty galvanized steel.
The blades are constructed out of heavy-duty  stainless steel.
The motor is sealed against dust & water, and has built-in thermal protection.
Includes a heavy-duty belt-tensioner that automatically tightens the belt as it wears though usage.
Sealed Housing

Maintenance-Free Design

Conventional panel fans are designed using flange bearings, with grease fittings that require manual greasing every 6–12 months.

The Agriaire PowerFan bearing assembly is enclosed within a sealed housing that requires no manual periodic greasing, which makes the PowerFan virtually maintenance-free!

Product Specifications

  • Fan diameter: 50 inches
  • Number of blades: 6
  • 1 ½ HP motor
  • Options:
    - Plug & Play electrical assmebly
    - Misting rings
  • Air volume: 34,230 CFM
  • Amperage is:
    - 2.3 amps / 480v - 3 phase
    - 4.7 amps / 240v - 3 phase
  • Performance efficiency: 23.6 CFM/Watt
  • Also available in single phase

Performance tests by Bess Lab